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I have  always loved photography, but photographing people wasn’t something I originally had on my radar as a career.  Becoming a mom changed all of that. With each one of children my passion grew. I was slowly started to upgrade my camera. Before I knew it I taking photos for family and friends

My camera barely left my side, photographing everything and learning as much as I could 
In 2011 my world shattered with the sudden and unexpected loss of my sister and best friend. My drive for work and my studies changed. I quickly realized how fast things can just be gone. Life isn't guaranteed.  I was determined to have a career I loved while being able to not miss out on my children growing up. I remember telling myself no more missed bedtimes, holidays or school events 
After a lot of reflection and growth I decided to dive in and try this crazy idea. Turning my hobby into my full-time gig.  It still sounds just wild to say out loud. I had my sisters voice in my head cheering me on. A supportive husband that pushed me to keep pursuing my goals. Three kick butt kids that I needed to show just how much hard work and perseverance can do. They saw mom break. I wanted them to see you always get back on your feet, dust those knees and keep trucking
I am truly living out my dream. I didn't know where this journey would take me but I am so glad I dove in.  I love my life. I capture all of the those moments we never want to forget. I am there with you during your best adventures. Pregnancy, birth, birthdays, graduation, watching your family and little ones grow.  I firmly believe each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, no matter the industry, I am certain this is mine

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