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what is boudoir ?

Boudoir (pronounced “boo-dwar” or, if you are feeling fancy, “boo-dwa”) is the French term for bedroom.

Our full service boudoir sessions offer professional makeup, hair-styling and wardrobe styling. As well as, one-on-one coaching to help you feel comfortable with each pose.

How it works

Bring your favorite t-shirt, comfy sweater, lingerie or heels. Whatever you feel the best in. We will go through it together. 

Each session is catered to your individual personality.  From sweet to flirtatious and seductive we can cover it all. 

Hair & Makeup lasts 60 mins with our amazing Professional Artist. You’ll spend about 20 minutes in front of the camera per outfit/set. The rest of your session is used for your wardrobe changes, lighting and set changes.

Have Fun !

Turn on the music and lets have some FUN !

Our casual environment will help you relax and be just be you. When you enter our studio, you have entered a judgement free-body positive zone. So leave your self-loathing at the door. We are here to celebrate every inch of you!

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